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The following information is provided by American Forces Radio and Television Service AFRTS.
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Coverage maps for SatNet & DTS
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The new AFRTS Satellite Handbook is a "must read".  
Down Load Ver 3.26  Now (4Meg)
Published May 2010
MS6011-4-DTS Antenna now on GSA
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AFRTS & DTS/AFN  broadcasts are only available to Department of Defense organizations
Commercial (951) 413-2339,
DSN (312) 348-1339
AFN DTS Scheduled Program Guide
SeaTel Antennas supporting  DTS & SatNet
Dual Reflector C/Ku
HQ AFRTS Operations and Policy:
DSN (312) 733-4532 or commercial 301-222-6532
Fax commercial (301) 222.6730, DSN (312) 733-6730
Updated 8/14/2012
SeaTel DTS Antenna
Direct to Sailor
SeaTel DTS Antenna
Direct to Sailor
SeaTel MS6011-4-DTS
Installed on USS Ponce
SeaTel MS6011-4-DTS
Installed on USCGC Waesche
9711 QOR
Dual Reflector VSAT & TVRO
QOR Technology
DTS Installation Photos