Inmarsat is the leader in global mobile satellite communications. Thousands of vessels rely on our unrivalled end-to-end service availability and coverage for operational communications and safety services.

We offer the broadest portfolio of mobile voice and data solutions on the market. So we can meet the needs of all types and size of vessel – and every budget.

For deep sea merchant vessels, we deliver reliable and affordable satellite communications which enable ships to operate at their most efficient and crews to keep in touch with home.  [more]
Coastal merchant and work boats can stay connected 24/7 with Inmarsat – making calls, emailing, accessing the internet and SMS text messaging from anywhere in all weather conditions.  [more]
We can help fishermen earn money even before they return to shore. They can send photos of their catch, research prices on the internet and negotiate a sale – by phone or via email.  [more]
Boat owners can relax at sea knowing they can stay connected with shore by phone, email, SMS text and the internet. And our safety services mean help is always close at hand.  [more]