Sailor 6130 mini-C LRIT System

The SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT is the premier standalone LRIT solution. It enables straightforward compliance to the Long Range Identification & Tracking IMO requirements, through simple operation and reliability.
The SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT System is approved by Inmarsat and major flag ASP state administrators and is fully compliant with the performance requirements described in IMO Resolution MSC.263(84). Vessels subject to LRIT are all passenger ships including high-speed craft, cargo ships, including high speed craft of 300 gross tonnage and above, and mobile offshore drilling units.
So you can be sure you are meeting the IMO requirements with the Sailor 6130 Mini-C LRIT. The system can utilise the optional Thrane 6194 Terminal Control Unit (TCU) enabling operators to easily determine the system’s status such as power, Inmarsat log-in and GPS fix status.
The SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT comes complete with all cables and connectors included, making it ready to go out of the box. The standard connection cable to the mini-C terminal is 30M long, but can be extended up to 200M if required.

SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT Product Sheet