Sailor 6150 mini-C Non SOLAS Distress System

SAILOR 6150 mini-C DistressThe SAILOR 6150 mini-C Distress is the most sophisticated, fully approved dedicated Vessel Management System (VMS) and tracking terminal available on the market. In addition to offering full VMS and tracking functionality, it also offers Non-SOLAS distress functionality and the reception of EGC messages and SafetyNet / FleetNet, which provides a significant boost to the safety of your vessel and crew.
Designed for extreme conditions the system is a single, self-contained and sealed terminal, housing both antenna and transceiver. This design approach has proven to be rugged and reliable, especially for use aboard the harsh environment of a professional fishing vessel or racing yacht and with the terminal’s 50 channel GPS module and
omni-directional antenna, satellite fix and position are ensured even under the most adverse conditions.
Maritime Distress Calling is available on the SAILOR 6150 mini-C Distress and features the trusted Inmarsat C maritime Non-SOLAS distress function. This has long been an integral part of safety at sea as GMDSS. No matter where you go or how rough the sea, pressing the distress button activates a high priority distress message relayed automatically to the nearest MRCC. The MRCC will respond with rescue coordination activities including EGC
SafetyNet messages to all nearby vessels so assistance may be provided.
As a further step to ensuring you meet your requirements, a new Terminal Control Unit enables you to easily determine the system’s status such as power, Inmarsat log-in and GPS fix. The SAILOR 6150 mini-C Distress offers additional Non-SOLAS distress functionality and the reception of EGC messages and SafetyNet / FleetNet. Significantly boost the safety of vessel and crew by providing access to an established safety communication systems. Should the worst happen, make sure you can get the message out.
The Sailor 6150 can also provide full VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) capabilities as well as two-way messaging and the reception of Free (EGC) Enhance Group Calling, which can include severe weather warnings, drifting goods notifications and general SafetyNet / FleetNet reception.
The Sailor 6150 uses the 6194 Terminal Control Unit and optional Message Terminal for the user interface although most users simply use Easymail to set-up the system and send and receive email messages.

SAILOR 6150 mini-C Distress Product Sheet