Sailor 90 TVRO

SAILOR 90 Satellite TV World
The SAILOR 90 Satellite TV World System has a new automatic depolarisor developed to allow for automatic switching between polarisations in a matter of seconds, overcoming a longstanding barrier for truly global satellite TV at sea. Satellite TV is now a viable option for thousands more vessels.
The SAILOR 90 Satellite TV enables you to provide television for crew aboard vessels sailing globally, without the need to reconfigure or manually change parts of the system to ensure compatibility with different satellite broadcast standards. Whether watching the game, the news or the soaps the SAILOR 90 Satellite TV World is built specifically to meet the demands of maritime professionals.
The SAILOR 90 can be relied on to provide a strong signal, and to help crew to relax and enjoy their free time. Team spirit and welfare is just as relevant at sea as at home and with SAILOR 90 Satellite TV World, it is easy to enhance life on board and do your part for crew welfare.
The SAILOR 90 Satellite TV World is a third generation platform and in addition to being the only truly global maritime television system, it uses a wealth of innovative technology; fast satellite acquisition, extra wide elevation range and dynamic skew control. With this technology, the signal is locked in at all times, so your crew can enjoy uninterrupted viewing, supporting their job satisfaction and likelihood they will stay with you.
With a user-friendly control unit that features a USB interface for advanced maintenance, updates or adjustments, installation and operation of the SAILOR 90 Satellite TV World is easy. It change satellites at the touch of a button, and can configure or upgrade from a laptop. Technicians can spend less time on entertainment systems and more on the ship systems, saving time and money

SAILOR 60 and 90 Satellite TV World Product Sheet