Sailor Mark 32 ALC AM-FM-TV

Sailor Mark 32
Since the introduction of digital terrestrial broadcasts in many places of the world, issues with intermodulation are increasing. The SAILOR Mark 32ALC antenna is designed and built especially to handle these issues, so you can be sure to experience the highest quality and superior performance available.
The SAILOR Mark 32ALC is an active omni-directional Radio/TV antennas for reception of terrestrial (land based, 0.1-890 MHz) analogue and digital broadcast signals at sea. The SAILOR Mark 32ALC is designed to withstand the toughest conditions to ensure extremely high durability. It may be used for coaxial cable networks when only FM-TV reception is required or in combination with the SAILOR Mark 32ALC antenna for improved AM-reception.
It is able to receive terrestrial analogue and digital broadcast signals of any radio/TV standard available worldwide, the following features makes the SAILOR Mark 32ALC the natural choice of maritime Radio/TV antenna for terrestrial reception:
Three independent low-noise amplifiers equipped with Automatic Level Controls (ALC) ensure maximum sensitivity to weak signals near the edge of the coverage area, and they prevent harmful intermodulation in the presence of powerful transmitters.
AIS transmitters are used on almost all commercial vessels and have the potential to completely overload an unprotected antenna. In the SAILOR Mark 32ALC the highly efficient suppression filters prevent signals from AIS as well as VHF transmitters from interfering with the reception.