Sea Tel 9711 QOR VSAT

Sea Tel 9711 QOR VSAT
Where the 9711 QOR differs from the rest of the range is in the inclusion of Quadrature Oriented Reflectors (QOR) technology which offers dual reflectors with a single controller. This allows the vessel to simply switch between C-band and Ku-band in seconds, reducing service time in port or at sea.
In addition to the standard 9711 features the 9711 QOR also offers:
1.2 M Ku band antenna mounted on same pedestal for dual C/Ku systems.
Electronic switching from C to Ku band operation.
C-band circular/linear, Ku band cross or co pol operation on one antenna system.
No longer a need to change the feed to go from C-band to Ku band operation.
QOR switch box routes IF and M&C from C to K requiring only 1 cable run for transmit and receive to the below decks interface.

Sea Tel 9711QOR Spec Sheet